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"Making Healthy Kids Into Healthy Adults" 

At One Potato Two Tomato We teach  healthy kids how to become healthy adults. Most kids, tweens & teens just don't eat well-balanced nutritious meals and exercise enough everyday. No matter what shape, size or weight your child or adolescent may be, we can help educate, inspire and empower them to adopt new long-lasting healthy lifestyle behavior habits in eating and exercise.

We believe that "the difference between adults and kids is simply that, and we treat them as such." 
One Potato Two Tomato offers a wide variety of  infant-toddler food palate-training, behavior modification sessions, healthy children & adolescent "Meal plan menus", age-appropriate individual & group "Nutritionomics" nutrition education workshops. All of our nutrition services are designed to empower and motivate families and kids to change unhealthy eating habits, develop positvie attitudes towards food,  physical activity and make healthier food and lifestyle choices over time.