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Meet Laura Lynn...

Your Kids Registered Dietitian!...

"Making Healthy Kids Into Healthy Adults!"

Laura Lynn Iacono, MS,RDN. 

Laura Lynn has been a Registered Dietitian/Nutrition Educator for over 20 years. She completed her Nutrition/Dietetics Clinical Internship at New York Hospital Cornell in Queens and Manhattan New York. She has over 20 years of clinical maternal-child, family, pediatric, adolescent nutrition, private practice, and nutrition education teaching experience. She also works as a food product development consultant for New York food manufacturers, creating healthier low-fat, frozen pizza for kids, healthy snack menus for the airline industry, designs healthy customized meal plans for children & adolescents and conducts healthy family-friendly cooking demonstrations for schools, camps and parent-child organizations. 

As CEO & Founder of "One Potato Two Tomato" A healthy lifestyle, nutrition & fitness education company for children and families that is dedicated to "Making Healthy Kids Into Healthy Adults." Laura Lynn along with her staff & healthy lifestyle partners design, develop, and teach and offer a variety of nutrition workshops, counseling sessions,  kids "healthy choices for healthy kids" food taste-testing sessions, behavior modification and infant food palate training programs for babies, toddlers, kids, tweens, teens, schools and child-care organizations, that have been proven successful, fun, safe and highly recommended by elementary & middle school educators, parents, kids, teens, pediatricians, dietitians, physicians, child, family therapists and the like.

Laura Lynn completed her graduate studies in Medical Biology, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at C.W. Post University, Long Island, New York. She is a Pediatric/Adolescent Registered Dietitian (RD) and Nutrition Educator. She is also certified with the American Dietetic Association in Child & Adolescent weight management as well as a Youth Fitness Education Specialist/Trainer with the American Fitness Professionals Association. Her passion lies in teaching parents, children and adolescents how to live nutrient-rich and physically active lives. Laura Lynn has a special kind of creative unrest. She has been called a nutrition leader and pioneer in the field of nutrition and dietetics for having developed age-appropriate and nutritionally balanced healthy "meal plan menus for kids", "Baby-Toddler Palate-Training Techniques", her "Nutritionomics" nutrition education workshops for kids, tweens and teens, as well as her concept of the first ever  "healthy lifestyle nutrition science and education center for children & adolescents."   Her mission lies in teaching parents and children how to live nutrient-rich lives and adopt new healthy behaviors in eating and exercise. Laura Lynn not only knows what America's youth should be eating, but knows exactly how to get them to eat it! As a professional expert speaker/lecturer in the field of child & adolescent nutrition, she has motivated and inspired many children and families to change their lifestyle habits for the better over-time.